Nooby asks:"How to play third person as a fox?"

How to play third person as a fox?

I have a fox.

What should I do next?

What have you done so far?

So you’re going to want to use the “Character” class as the base for a new player. The Character class has a ton of built in functionality that will let you get a fox working reasonably quickly. My gut says you’ll need to do the following things:

  1. Create a new FoxCharacter based on Character in Blueprint
  2. Set Input binds for basic movement. You can check out our third person movement template for an idea on how to set this up but essentially it means settings input keys in your project settings and then plugging those actions into “Add Movement Input” nodes inside of the character.
  3. To get the Fox acting more like a Fox you will need to setup an Anim Blueprint. An anim blueprint is a style of blueprint that controls how animations flow together. If you’re lucky the fox already has one that you can look at and learn from.

Once you’ve got the fox going be sure to check out landscapes, foliage and quixel so you can get a cool looking environment together to run around in!

I am quite flattered you expect I have some experience. :smiley:

I cannot upload any image because it says I exceed the limit… while it is below the limit…

I’m not expecting you to have experience, I’m asking what you’ve tried to do so far

Third person tutorial like this one, but instead of a mannequin skeletal mesh just use the fox.