Noob's Question - Hidden object

I’m not sure it’s the right place for this post, but i decide to try. 3 mount ago i realize that i want to work as a level designe. I buy new computer, download ,Unreal Engine’’ i started create. But then i hit the wall. Second time i have problem with hiding object. To be more specific i will show you print screen. It’s just happen when i build to many object, but i in my opinnion, my computer is not so bed (i7 6700k 16 GB RAM ant GTX970). Mayby someone know, how can i fix it? It’s a bug, or i doing something wrong




Thanks for Help!
Jakub Kapuściński-Bernatek

Hi their!

Yes you came to the right spot with your question!!! :slight_smile:

So I think what is happening is your using BSP blocks as your fence and its taking up allot of vertices. And that can cause low frames per second, Lagging, etc. In this case I think its overloading and causing LOD issues.

I recommend using less vertices on your BSP fence and this should fix it. Or download 3DS Max and 3D Model a fence. But if you are new to UE4 I recommend you continue to use BSP so it helps you get the basics down.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

Yeah, your best option is to use static meshes created in apps like Blender, Maya, Modo or Max. BSP brushes take in a lot of resources, I’m no pro but I’d say to only use them as placeholders to later replace them with 3D meshes.