Noobish? What files are needed to...

I’m establishing a Perforce server but I realize its going to take some time to learn all I need to before its ready. I’ve installed a remote desktop viewing tool to temporarily allow file sharing between myself and the other people developing this project. My question. which files from my project are absolutely needed to facilitate collaboration? The project file, naturally, but what about the meshes, textures, etc.

When you want to work on a project with another one, you actually need everything, because everybody should be on the same state of assets -> but it depends on the team.
e.g a programmer could work separately on some gameplay elements and when he finished it, he could drag and drop it into the perforce project + upload it -> so he would just need a basic level to test out the gameplay stuff

Thanks! I’m new to Perforce and setting it up properly is taking more time than I expected. I’m hoping that the remote desktop viewing approach will be short lived.