[Noobie] Downloading UE4 from standard installer vs. Github

Hello! :]
I’m a novice programmer, only been at it for a good year now, only yesterday was I introduced to Git, and now I’m coming across UE4 and the option to download it via Github or the standard installer. Sorry, correct me if I’m wrong but, just trying to wrap my head around all this, the bread and butter of this all is:

Downloading UE4 from Github allows developers to ‘pull’ more frequent updates for bug-fixes, whereas downloading UE4 from the standard installer means that it could take weeks before a small bugfix is released in a version (i.e. 4.13.1 -> 4.13.2)

I’m not confident enough to muck around with the UE4 source code (for now), just wondering whether there are any other benefits that I’m not aware of?


Unless you need to make project-specific changes & fixes, you should should find the binary releases - via Epic Games Launcher - a better option.
Also, certain plugins just won’t work with custom builds.
We found this out the hard way :frowning:

Agreed with Kris above… But, say are working in 4.13.2 source version you want to stick with it through the project lifecycle but there is a horrible bug that needs fixed, you could cherry pick the PR and put into your 4.13.2 code. If the project is huge and migrating to a later version is an issue, then cherry picking might be an option. Just some thoughts…


PS: Apologies for the run on sentence… <grins>