Noob, where to start?

Ok guys, blown away by the real time walk throughs. So I want to gove this ue4 a shot. My background consists of 5 years of 3dsmax as a side hobby. Renders used successfully. … [brazil rs, vray maxwell and keyshot]. Ill attach a pic of one of my renders to show my talents. Now, im totally new to ue4 and just want to guidance where to start with it. Any pointers to beginners tutorials or resources to get me up and running would be very much appreciated! Thanks guys, I hope I love this ue4 as much as I loved every arch viz software I used successfully!


Just a example of one of my simpler models.

Digital Tutors – Creating an Interior Walkthrough in Unreal Engine and 3ds Max

This course might interest you…

Thxs guys. I’ll look into those.

Another question. Is there a free room/house thsts available free to download to study it? On this forum.

Yes you can download free scene Interior, from Learn tab in launcher! look for Realistic Rendering!

There are 3 free ones on the marketplace that I know of…

Realistic Rendering
Xoio Berlin Flat
Lightroom: Interior Day Light