Noob seeking help for Point&Click adventure game

Hello all

I am total noob in game development, so I wonder if idea I have for a game is even possible.

This game would be Classic 2D point&click adventure game, like many of those I used to play in 90s.

Before I start making my own assets, I need to learn what I need to make. I am using my iPad with Procreate to draw all the scenes assets etc. I will use Windows PC to work in UE. I want to make hand drawn P&C adventure game.

Basically I need help to find right tutorials (there are so many, I am pretty much lost) I would need to make the game work. And also if my „Design“ would even work, if not, what should I change to make it work. So let me begin.

In 1st picture, there is a base composition of a scene, which I imagine would work for a game. I want to work in layers, I have some experience in classic 2D paper animation, so I am trying to copy the process in virtual space.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  1. Background layer – Base layer for whole scene, Static, not changing at all.

  2. Main scene layer – Main layer with objects ??Can it be designated area, on which you click and start something (animation phase, interaction menu ETC.)??

3A. **Character layer **– In classic paper animation you change many pictures of character in many positions activities to make animation. ??Can it work like this in UE, if so, do I make Sprite animation before, or can put like 25 pictures of character to make animation(s) based on situation, interaction ex. Walking animation, grabbing stuff, using items etc.??

3B. Optional animation layer – To add effects to scene, like lights flickering, flies, steam, rain etc.

  1. Foreground layer – to add sense of depth to the scene

  2. Camera – All the layers will make one coherent scene, thanks to camera placement – Do I even need to place camera to make scene in UE, or it does work differently here?

In 2nd picture, there is base interaction menu. After clicking on object on LAYER 2. I want it to appear and provide said funcionality.

This is very basic scene composition. What I am asking for are links to tutorials, useful forum threads, videos etc. Most useful it would be to pinpoint tutorials for specific layer (ex. Character animations layer, effects layer etc.)

Thank you in advance for any help provided. I am sure few more questions will arise with your recomendations.

Sincerely ROBERT