Noob questions about FBoxSphereBounds Bounds

So if I got this right,every object that inherit from “USceneComponent” has access to “FBoxSphereBounds Bounds”. This give it access among other things to member variable “Origin” and “BoxExtent”. So my “UBoxComponent” has those. Though I have some questions about this:

1)Where is the Origin located? Is it at a corner? Is it at the dead center of the object? Is it at the center of the object but down to its base?

2)What is the Origin used for?If I where to modify it in my cpp file,what would be the visible resoult inside the editor? (I would guess it controls the position of the arrows you use to move your object in the scene,kind of the “pivot” point)

3)Why is tha Origin of type FVector?Isn’t it just a static X,Y,Z point? Keep in mind my math background is very weak,and all I know about vectors is that they have a direction and a magnitude (whatever it means,not sure I totally grasp it,but maybe I do,still not sure.) My guess is that this FVector inside of it defines X,Y,Z as starting point for this vector,some way to define the direction and some way to define this magnitude. But what are this needed for concerning the Origin? It mean the Origin is only using the X,Y,Z member variables of the FVector?

4)If so, there is a case when the Origin would need to use the “magnitude” (or wathever is called) member variable of FVector?

5)How does Origin and BoxExtent relate to each other in defining the UBoxComponent Bounds? (need this to be explained with numbers,not just using the same names of those variables)

I realize I may be doing a lot of confusion and misunderstanding quite a lot of thing,so don’t be mad at me,just trying to understand :rolleyes:

If you know about any “noob guide to understand your FVector” feel free to link :slight_smile: