Noob Question

Hello everyone, I have a noob question.
Forgive-me if it is not in the right place.

Imagine I would create a level big enough for a player to play a few hours in it.
With some decent stories and content and off course, graphics with Unreal 4.

Would it sell a few hundred copies ? Can we live on that ?

Well i have UE4 too all i seen not very big, maybe when UE5 comes out should be colossal land mass, i too cannot work with small also my laptop will crash.

as for copies if each copy good enough can sell for $99 each at a game shop, ask around for other help

Also checkout and Hum3D also with those sites be carful check out the Conversion, in Turbosquid because they are really unbeleavable 3D models not every model compatible with UE4.