Noob Question Spawning Character

Hi all.

Im nearly new to UE4, and i do have actual a problem.

Maybe its because of understanding from my side.

Ok, i know that this has been asked often and i found varios answerd to this Question, but all of them did not help me out.

So, my question is:

I want to spawn a character in Front of my character when open a new levl.

My default pawn is set to an empty character BP, which does not contain a Mesh.

when i try to use spwan actor from class,( in the levl blueprint at begin play) and enter the Transform of a player start with tag, the character which is default pawn is spawned at the desired player start.

It is for a character select screen.

So my question is now:

How do i have to spawn the character Blueprint which i want to be able to select, so it is shown?
Where do i have to enter the spawn actor from class?
Inside my default character?
Inside the Game instance?
Inside the game mode?
Inside the level BP?

Or do i need to change my default pawn?

sorry, im really confused of this, and i Hope you can help me with this.



Ok, was able to solve my Problem, I used a Fix World Location Transform, and not a Player Start to spawn the Character.

Now it works.

Only Problem i now do have is, that the spawned Character does not animate.
I do not posess this Character with the Player Controller.
Animation is assigned, if i put the Blueprint into the 3rd Person level and play, the Character is animated.

But after Spawning its not animated.

Could someone help me out with this?
Im sure its only a small thing, but im actually not able to see it :slight_smile: