Noob question regarding units (scale) in UE4 & 3ds Max

I’m not sure if this is the right section to post questions like this so I apologise in advance if I’m in the wrong. So I worked in 3ds Max on a simple model and I made sure it was 2 meters. When I imported it into my scene in UE4 it appears the model is really small. I have blocked out my scene with geometry with a rectangle of 200 units (which supposedly is 2 meters). To get to that exact size I have to scale my model up to 2.6 which is a really weird scale to get to the same size. What am I doing wrong here?

2,54 is the ratio between inches to cm
what units do you use in 3dsmax? take care of units when exporting from 3dsmax…

Make sure your system units in 3ds Max are correct, by default they are in inches.