Noob Question on UE4 Level Streaming

I’ve made environments before but haven’t needed to tackle level streaming personally in the past. I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding it straight in reference to my current level setup.

So in my scene I have an exterior and an interior space connected by a cave-like structure. I want the interior to stream in and exterior to stream out as you pass through this cave (and vice versa). With this being the case, am I right in understanding that I would have the cave on the persistent level while separating the exterior and interior on to their own individual levels (so three in total) and use volumes placed somewhere within the cave to stream them in/out appropriately?

Thanks for the help

I usually make the pesistent level consist of the lightning, postprocessing and skybox and load all else of what i need on demand. You can load the cave and load or unload other parts of your level as needed.

Yet there may be a different approach i am not aware of.

Thanks for the help! I hadn’t considered having each part on it’s own streaming level… Gonna take some time trying to figure out the trigger boxes.

If you don’t mind me asking another question… All the guides to level streaming take you through setting up trigger boxes to load/unload parts of levels once you walk in to the box. However what’s stopping the player walking in to the trigger box and then walking back out the way they came from, back towards the newly un-streamed level? From looking at multiple guides and trying to figure out the blueprints for myself, I can’t figure it out.