Noob question-Mac OS: I'm missing files

Well, I’m trying to get this thing up and running. I’ve downloaded all three required zip files, expanded them, then copied the content of each into the UnrealEngine-4.1 folder. I used the Option key during the drag and drop process and selected copy new option so I would not completely overwrite original files in in the UnrealEngine-4.1 folder. When I try to run the CrateProjectFiles command file, I get the following message:

GenerateProjectFiles ERROR: It looks like youre missing some files that are required in order to generate projects. Please check that youve downloaded and unpacked the engine source code, binaries, content and third-party dependencies before running this script.

So what did I do wrong?


When using the alt copy method, the option you click should be keep newer, if you dont see this you are not doing it correctly.


I did indeed select Keep Newer. :frowning: