Noob Question: Linux, UE4, C++

Hi. I’m brand new to Unreal Engine and have just installed UE4 on Ubuntu 16.04. When I installed EU4, I didn’t have either Qt Creator or CodeLite installed, but have since installed them. When I create a new C++ first-person project and try to add a C++ class, the classes are created, but they are not opened in Qt or CodeLite.

Should I just install UE4 again?

Any help on how to set up the UE4 environment on Linux so C++ projects work would be really appreciated.

You have to select the Source Code Accessor in the UE4Editor in the Editor Preferences under Source. CodeLite is build in so you can select the source code accessor. After selecting you should be able to open your source files. Make sure when using CodeLite setting it to one instance only.