Noob question - Landscape LODs.. How?

I have seen a lot of information on Landscape LOD-ing but its all quite disjointed. The official documentation is about as clear as mud, and seems out of date?.
Starting from the… start.
I have a 12 x 12 km map created in World Machine at a 4033 size.
That’s fine, but is a little intense when all rendered at the same time.
Streaming the level in chunks is a no go. Cant effectively block LOS without totally destroying the aesthetic of the area.
So. LOD-ing the landscape is the next option…
From what I have read there is supposed to be a method of creating a Landscape LOD within UE4… But I’m not seeing it.
I understand that your file structure would be:
MyLevel ← the LOD0 map and Persistent level.

But those two LOD levels would not be visible in the level viewer.

TIA a confused Fraggle.

The LOD Work automaticly. And did you scale your landscape?

You’re thinking of world composition, which is intended for enormous, open world stuff. If you only want a fairly big play area then you don’t need to delve into this.

This may help too:

What happens if you scale your terrain? I scaled mine and when I try to render on movie render que areas in the distance don’t render.