Noob question How to set the Alpha/Opacity of flash element thrpugh unrealscript

I just did not even use it lol : P. Any help ?

The way I do this is by giving the movie a RenderTexture, and then when I draw the RenderTexture, I set the opacity there.

OH… well I can do that or make an animation.,… it is a text field. AS2

SetVariableNumber(“my_alpha”, 100);

var my_alpha = 0;
my_flash_object.alpha = my_alpha;

You can also run a flash function from unrealscript, which is faster, I rarely bother with that though as most of my UI updates nearly every frame anyway, so I just set the alpha every frame.

So it’s some sort of protected variable or some … ?

With _alpha it would disappear from US but alpha would not work…

why dont you make opacity directly inside flash. you can set the opacity for any movie clip. this is how I do.

I will try… But I see it’s ah tedious work around… :eek: or wtvr…