[Noob question] How should I do my map level?


First of all I’m a noob so sorry if I ask for dumb questions and also for my english.

I want to reproducte my town at the unreal engine but in a medieval environment so I have a lot of questions.
I thinked to use this: Medieval Village in Environments - UE Marketplace

-What’s the best way to build the level? It’s a 5x5km surface I think that maybe the best way it’s a landscape?, it’s to much 5x5km?
-If in a future I want to expand it’s possible?
-The landscape has autostreaming level?
-I read something of a modular level design. I think it’s a fast way to build levels is that correct? Where I can learn more of this?
-I have mountains and beach thats suppose some inconvenient?

Thank you!

Can anybody help me please? :eek:

A few things;
If this is your first project and your introductory text leads me to believe it might be, I would advise against going for a 5^2 kilometers of map, games with terrains that large can have teams up to hundred of people working on it in time spans of years.
Maybe it would be better to recreate a small apart of your town, like its central plaza? You will learn way more more if you create one small environment than repeat the same things you know on a huge map where the likely hood of you giving up before you get to a stage where you’ll learn more thins is huge.

I don’t know if you can expand it but even 5^2 kilometers of map is too much! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the modular workflow, yes, that is a really good method,
Look here;

Thank you! I’ll take your advice and do something small and then go for other goals :slight_smile:

I would advice starting with one of Epic’s templates (like the thirdperson template) and simply adding to it. IMO, the best way to build your game (and learn) is to develop a prototype of the functionality for your game first, before you worry about adding more content / art.

Thanks! that’s a great idea, I’ll do that! I would like to do a game like witcher but with dark souls combat system (no magic, only swords). Where I should start from? any recommendation?

this is what ive done in a week of using UE4 so maybe gives you afew ideas and also you can see what @MischievousM was saying about creating a small scene at first :slight_smile:

here are the links:



Wow! nice work! what assets did you used to do that? How big was the landscape? and the water how you did that?

Also viewed others videos, very amazings!

If you are completely new, I would recommend to first follow this tutorial series:


This is the best UE4 intro series I’ve found on Youtube and I wish I would have known about it when I first started.

If you want something more complete, check out this Udemy course for $10 - https://www.udemy.com/unreale4/?couponCode=BEUNREAL

The reason I recommend this is because you need to understand UE4’s basic workflow and tools before you can plan your game. Once you have a good idea of the basic tools (like creating basic materials, importing and implementing basic animations, using Blueprint, etc) it will be a LOT easier to start your game prototype.

Start with the Blueprint Thirdperson game template and start adding functionality via Blueprint. Here is a small list of easy things to add:

Add melee animations
Basic HUD with health and stamina
Another NPC with basic AI (a bit more advanced)

Alternatively, you could start with a more robust template like my free Action Platformer Template:

-> Link to Thread <-]([FREE] ThirdPerson Action Platformer - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums)

This already has a lot of the basic functionality you will need to start your game, HOWEVER, if you go this route, take the time to look at the code and understand how it works so you can then modify it to your liking :).

The goal should be to learn as much as possible.

Good luck!

thanks for the comment :slight_smile: i used all the freebies from Epic apart from the landscape automaterial and size was 15x15 i think :S lol water is easy to do :smiley: just use a plane then scale it and add the water texture :smiley:

Thank you! I’ll watch all the videos and buy the course.

I’ve done 2 udemy courses too lol they are very very good