Noob Question: Difference between Object & Actor

I know that Object is pure data, and Actor is visible in the world but are there any more differences? When would I create an Object over an Actor?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Actor supports:

  1. replication (networking support)
  2. can be placed in a level

Beside this
Actor and Object are garbage collected and support blueprint. Objects are smaller than actor in memory, even if you should be concerned since textures are much bigger than those.
If you have only data go for a struct BTW.

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An actor currently takes up about 1016 bytes while an object takes up about 56 bytes. At least on this version with this compiler/os but that should give you an indication of the intended uses. And what you use very much depends on the goal and what your willing to sacrifice. If it’s just a basic game that’s not pushing mechanical limits and isn’t multiplayer then using actors for everything won’t likely hinder you even if it’s not ideal. I recommend reading the documentation and looking at the header files for these two classes if you really need to know, and see what kind of data they hold. Their cpp names are AActor and UObject.