Noob Question: Descriptor File

Hey gang,

Total UE4 noob here. Been playing for about a week, going through all the tutorials on YouTube. Lots of fun stuff and learning a lot. But I’m running into one major issue. Anytime I quit Unreal and try to open a project back up, I get the following error: “Failed to open descriptor file…”

This happens with projects created from UE4 templates as well as projects created from scratch.

What am I missing?

FYI: running UE4 on OSX.

It seems like no one got an answer to this question (I know some threads with the same problem ^^)-> Could you post this onto answerhub? https://answers.unrealengine/index.html :slight_smile:

-do you use a C++ project?
-when exactly do you get this error?

Yeah, decided I would post after googling for about an hour. No solid answers.

Some weird things:

  • sometimes the launcher will launch the latest project.
  • if the launcher decides to open the latest project, it will work. If I launch it from the file, I get the descriptor error.
  • sometimes the launcher will allow me to select if I want to open an existing or create a new one.
  • multiple versions of the editor appear in my dock.

Just a few things. If we can narrow this down a little bit here, I’ll post on to the answerhub. It’d be nice to get this solved.

FYI - my OSX version is 10.9.5.
Unreal version 4.5.1.

I think I may have figured this out. Unreal wasn’t closing editor projects that were open, therefore not allowing the environment to create something new/existing.