Noob question, but...

what’s the difference between “colorise” and “texture”?

is there any way to display colorised model that RC says is too large?

if the answer is “simplify it”, will I also have to recolorise afterwards?

when is the best point to simplify…before or after colorising/texturing?



hello, these are all basics covered in the the Help section of the software


as RC help section says:

Coloring creates only colors for model vertices, which is fine for denser objects, and which makes the model smaller in size, compared to a textured model. Simply speaking, texturing creates a small image for each triangle of the model. It actually creates one or more images called textures and defines mapping among them and triangles. This mapping is called unwrap. This method is therefore more realistic than coloring.

To view a portion of a large model go to Scene > Clipping Box > Create Clipping Box.

If you wish to see the whole model, depending on the amount of your GPU VRAM you can display limited number of triangles. Please view Help > Real-time Scene Renderer for more info. 

The Simplify Tool will let you create a new model with less triangles. So depending on your GPU VRAM, you can simplify the model to view the whole model with less triangles. Please note you will loose texture but not the coloring. So if you used Colorize step already, you will not loose the color in the simplified model.

The best point for Simplify is right after the model creation. But this depends on your preferences and intended workflow or output.