Noob question about syntax and MoveToActor

Hi, I have a enemy character controlled by a AIController, and I want it to follow the player.
I figure I could use the “[MoveToActor][1]” function, but I’m very new to programming in unreal, and don’t know exactly how to use it.
Where it says “AActor * Goal” I assume I should replace it with the Player_Character class, or the Player_Character_BP?

EPathFollowingRequestResult::Type AEnemy_AI_Controller::MoveToActor
AActor * Goal,
float AcceptanceRadius,
bool bStopOnOverlap,
bool bUsePathfinding,
bool bCanStrafe,
TSubclassOf < UNavigationQueryFilter > FilterClass,
bool bAllowPartialPath
// return something here?
[1]: AAIController::MoveToActor | Unreal Engine Documentation

that’s the right syntax to move an actor to another actor:

AActor* actor_goal;
UNavigationSystem::SimpleMoveToActor(GetController(), actor_goal);