Noob Question about Navigating from Screen to Screen

So in my game a character in the open world clicks on something and a screen pops up with information and navigation buttons to give them other info, inventory, skills, crafting etc. So I set it up when the player clicks on the object in the open world it opens a new Level. Once on the main screen of the new level do I have to make a new level for each button they can click on that opens another screen or is there a way to keep things in the same level?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but you can take a look at level streaming : (check his channel, it is awesome). You can load and unload levels and toggle visibility of the level.
When you say it opens a screen with infos and buttons, do you mean a menu made with widgets (because you say also that it opens a new level)?

Buttons belong to a widget which is created by an actor which plays in a level .The widget can be created by your character for example his inventory, or by an other object for example you are near a door and the door creates a widget that says “press E to open”). So no you don’t have to make a level for each button.