Noob question about how big an environment can be

I’m totally new to Unreal. I wonder how big can an environment be before start causing troubles. Thanks

Complex question… It depends on your chosen game type, and level of skill with game tech.
You’ll often see posts saying you can safely go to about 4km Sq or maybe even a little more.
But this is inaccurate, as you can go out to 1000’s of Km’s, but then there will be sacrifices!
Multiplayer vs Singleplayer are key differences, with origin rebasing / streaming challenges.
If you want a proper detailed answer, read all the posts containing keywords: ‘Large-Worlds’.:wink:

It can be as big as you want if you build it using streaming levels. each streaming level would hold its own part of the content and load in only when the character is close to that streaming level…