Noob Q - The chicken or the egg: Editor or VS(2013)?

Hi Everyone,

I need to ask about opening UE4 and VS2013 because I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

I’ve been opening UE4 from the launcher, then opening VS by double clicking on one of the classes in the content browser (or right clicking and choosing add new C++ class). Works fine most of the time, after changing any code I save in VS then click compile in the editor. But I still have quite a bit of trouble trying to delete classes from the content browser if I decide I don’t want them anymore and occasionally can’t save my level because external package something something transient something something.

Last night on webchat someone was talking about how I should always run VS first then run the editor by compiling the project in VS. I tried that but it felt wierd, when I do it this way am I supposed to just leave the build running and edit code while it’s still running? Or am I supposed to stop and start the editor everytime I want to edit the code (even slooooower than compile in the editor).

Apologies for the noob q, just want to try and get myself do everything the way I’m supposed to before getting nose deep in code…

I don’t know how other people’s workflow goes but I start in VS, modify or do stuff then compile. Then I load the UE editor. I’m specifically working on editor features though.

If I was doing C++ in a game I’d see how well hot reloading modules was going, but ultimately I’d fall back to only loading the editor to do editor things and only loading VS to do code things. One does not have to lead to the other and they don’t have a lot of crossover in functionality.

Considering that the editor supports hot reloading in most cases, it will be faster to launch the editor first then launch VS. Then any changes you make can be recompiled and then hot reload.

This however doesn’t always work. For one it doesn’t work on Plugins. Secondly as you noted the asset browser won’t stay up to date on changes to what classes you have.

It really just depends on what you are doing really.

I usually have c++ base classes, such as “NPCBaseClass” and then have a blueprint “NPC”. I compile C++ and then hot reload in the editor and do shniz. If I ever need to delete a class I close the editor, delete the classes in visual studio, and then delete the files in the directory. Then I open the editor and boom. :slight_smile: