Noob needs help with Animation Graph

Hello, I’ve just been messing around with the Unreal Engine 4.16.3 for a few days now. Following tutorials and experimenting on my own has been a lot more fun then I expected. I have hit a sticking point I am hoping someone can help me with.

I have an animated third person character and now I’m working on adding an Aim Offset to it. I was able to successfully create two different Aim Offsets, for for his regular position and one for when aiming down sights. Both Offsets work as intended individually. Now I am trying to set it up so that the character can switch between the regular Aim Offset and the ADS Offset.

My rather naive idea was to simply slap in both Aim Offset blendspaces into AnimGraph in my Animation Blueprint and then use switches or Boolean logic to select the correct Aim Offset depending on my IsAiming variable. The included image has my rough idea. Simply swamp the white connector between the different blendspaces before connecting to the Final Animation Pose. This however seems to be problematic. I am very familiar with Boolean Logic and State Machines but I don’t understand the Unreal engines use of them fully. I’m not sure if I have the tools to accomplish switching my Aim Offsets in this way.

If anyone has advice or suggestions I would love to hear them.

I eventually came up with a rough solution. The only problem is that I am using two of the same state-machines to accomplish this task. It works but it seems inefficient to be running two state-machines. I can almost do it with one state-machine but I’m not sure how to combine two animation blend spaces.

Is there a way to combine the lower half of one animation with the upper half of another?