Noob needs help: Moving Character in Grid

What i have done so far was just placing the cube and my character into the level
it look like this
i have tried using method from the top down template but it seem like the character couldn’t move in grid
it just moving where my cursor pointing at.
This is not the result i want.
So I need some help on how to approach grid based movement
It should work like when i click on the grid, the character can move to that grid

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One of my learning projects is grid movement.

Might not be the best solution, but it should get you into the right direction.

I don’t have a 4.14 version of it though, so you would need to install 4.11, or hope that it runs in your version.

<project doesn’t exist anymore>

Thanks eXi
I am new to blueprint and i don’t have any coding background.
I kinda confuse looking at the projects
Now i have my gridspawner and i able to get the location when i left click on them.

But i still don’t know how to get my character move over there.



One way to make this happen is to have each of your blocks have a collision cylinder, about 10 cm in diameter, in its top left corner. This cylinder will be an “invisible wall” that forces the character to walk to the center of each block, and not “cut across corners.”
If your blocks are blueprint instances, just adding a cylinder (or box) collider that covers the top-left corner of the block, and extends up about a meter and a half, will update all of the instances to acquire a copy of that collider.
You only need to add it in one of the corners, because the other corners will be covered by the neighboring blocks.