Noob needs help - Better Jerky Maker

Hi everyone,

So, I’m extremely new to modding - no programming experience, never worked with UE4, nothing. I’ve been looking around these forums and watching youtube tutorials, and I’m … well, I won’t say I’m “getting the hang of it”, but I’m certainly making progress: I made a structure, it has an inventory, it’s placeable in game (or at least the dev kit test play area), it connects to a generator and turns on.

As the title says, it’s meant to be a faster way to make jerky (A food dehydrator.)

Now I did find this in the jerkyBP

As you can see, I added my item in a child copy of the jerky.

I also wanted it to make 10 Jerky at once, similar to how a Grill cooks 15 meat at once. So by looking at the Grill, I thought this was the way to do it:

However, as of right now, when I place my structure, it has 10 (of each) Jerky inside it, and will not cook any more.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I’m pretty lost.

Side questions: Is there a way to make an item have multiple recipes? Jerky takes 1 cooked meat, 1 oil, and 3 spark powder to craft in a preserving bin, and I don’t want to change that, but I’m interested to know if there’s a way to make it (for example) not require the sparkpowder in a different (my) crafting item?
Secondary question: How would I make Jerky craft faster (again, only in the new item)? I tried comparing a cooking pot and the industrial cooker (I believe the industrial cooker crafts things faster? Whereas the Industrial Grill and Forge simply craft in bulk at the same base rate?) – but I saw nothing different between the pot and cooker, so I’m simply left confused on that front.

Thanks in advance for any help…

I think default equipped items is for cooking. If you want to edit any sort of requirements or cooking time, you’ll have to create a child of the primalitemconsumable, and in your primalgame data go to remap items and go from primalitemconsumable to primalitemconsumable_mine. Inventories have an option for crafting speed and requirement multipliers. Just search "craft’ in the inventory.

You don’t need to make a child of jerky. All you need to do is set “Check for autocraft blueprints” on the inventory BP, set default engrams all to a value of 1 and add an entry for preserving bin here :

(not 100% sure this last step is actually required)

I meant to say that if you want to lower the cooking time of jerky, or adjust the requirements to make the jerky, you’ll need a child as that information is stored inside of PrimalItemConsumable_Jerky

Thank you for your responses. “Set default engrams all to a value of 1” is what I appear to have missed.

Just FYI Huston, “default equipped items” is not for cooking, it is definitely “Default inventory items.”

I’m still curious if there’s a way to have two completely different recipes craft the same item though?