Noob need help with my first mod.


I want to do a mod called Real Dinos, the purpose with the mod is to resize and alter the stats of the dinos to make them more historical correct, later on i will modify the 3d models and add new dinos.

I will start with the Quetzalcoatlus, I just want to make it half the size and replace the original in the game. Should I resize it in the Character_BP or the skeletal mesh?

Right now my mod looks like this: Mods/Real_Dinos/Dinos/Quetz

In the Real_Dinos folder I have these files:


What files do I need in the Quetz folder?
And what is the Strict compile button?

I tried to follow this tutorial HOW TO: Create a dino as well as setting up your mod. - Unreal Engine Forums

Hope someone have the time to help me.


It might be a good idea to start out here for some of the basics of working with the devkit. It is a little different from regular UE4:

Thanks ZenRowe for your reply and videos, I will watch more of them now when I’m free for a week.

I made a little template for my self in how to replace a vanilla dino with your own. I might as well share it here, most of it is from JasonFJ, hope he doesn’t mind.

1.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/DinoEntries/DinoEntry_Para to your mod folder (Push Game and search next to filters)
1.2. Rename your copy to “DinoEntry_MyPara”
1.3. Edit the file and change Dino Name Tag from “Para” to “MyPara”.
1.3.1. In the same file, change Dino Descriptive Name to “Parasaur Ingame Name”
1.4. Compile and Save.

2.1. Edit PrimalGameData_BP in your mod folder.
2.1.1. Locate Additional Dino Entries and click the + sign
2.1.2. Click the dropdown and select your new “DinoEntry_MyPara”
2.2. Compile and Save.

3.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Dinos/Para/Para_Character_BP to your mod folder
3.2. Rename your copy to “MyPara_Character_BP” and edit it
3.2.1. Locate Dino Name Tag and change it to “MyPara”. Make sure it sticks (if you tab out it can revert)
3.2.2. Locate Custom Tag and change it to “MyPara”. This is used by PrimalItemArmor_(dino name)Saddle…
leave it default if you want to share saddle engram. Make sure it sticks (if you tab out it can revert).
3.2.3. Locate Descriptive Name and change it to “Parasaur Ingame Name”
15. Do whatever stats/colors/stuff you want to make it unique a bit.
3.3. Compile and Save.

Copy Skeletal mesh, rename, edit the scale of dino here, Save, choose the new skeletal mesh in Character_BP
Compile and Save.

Copy DinoCharacterStatus and rename. (Push Game and search next to filters) Here you can edit the stats of the Dino.
Open Character_BP push Components and add the new one, remove the old one. Compile and Save.

Open PrimalGameData, Search for Remap NPC, replace the old one with your new Dino. Compile and Save.

Move Dino up or down compared to ground level: Open Character_BP, go to Components, then Mesh and adjust hight.

Move rider position: Open skeletal mesh, push skeleton, edit RiderSocket

Change speed of dino: Open Character_BP, search for Movement Speed

Adjust Melee Damage: Open Character_BP, search for Melee Damage Amount

I updated my template above.

The problem I have right now is with Rider Position, It works perfect when I try the game in the editor, but when I cook and upload it, the rider is in the wrong position.