[NOOB] looking for Advice for hack and slash dungeon crawl

Hi! I’m just starting my first game with unreal, i have been programming for the web for ages and I want to make my first steps into unreal making a simple games for my friends and i.

I’d like to make a local coop sacred 3 / gauntlet clone, but i don’t really know where to start. So my questions are:

  • While making combat, should i start making the character stats? or maybe I should do animations which do damage and then add stats on top of it?
  • should I start with a game template?
  • if i use a template, which one? (i’d like to use a top down camera but driven by direct gamepad/keyboard movements, not clicking a place to go, but topdown shooter template does that, but it SHOOTS, i need phisical attacks instead by default :frowning: )
  • where can I get some models and animations to start working?
  • i have already tried to just change meshes in some templates and projects i found on the internet and it didn’t work, do skeletal meshes for characters have some differences between them apart from the visual design?

Thank you very much for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi p4cm4n, sounds exactly like my game:slight_smile: If you’re developing solo there is a lot to learn and do that is specific to unreal engine. I’d recommend starting with Characters: Animation, AI Controller and Player Controller. There are several Asset and Blueprint packs you could purchase from the Unreal Marketplace to get started or join someone with work in progress (hint, hint).

I have already purchased a few things from store :slight_smile: These are MUST-HAVE in many cases… Thanks for your advice I have added basic player interaction, but i’m struggling against mixamo for the animations :smiley:

Maybe you know how to help… When i press the “attack button” (Both on mouse and gamepad) i must keep the button pressed for the animation to finish, how cna i solve this? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for everything :smiley:

I personally wouldn’t use the Maximo animations as they require re-targeting. The Hold-Attack Button-To-Animate would work in the same fashion as pressing the ‘W’ key to move character forward and invoke player walk/jog/sprint animations. In fact, i would most likely copy nearly the same blueprints to get it working and expand on. Some familiarity of the Persona Statemachines is required so you can set up the player controller input to modify variable usee in the statemachine to control Attack animation transitions.

If you want to skip the boring part of coding and jump right into the fun part, you can have a look at my template here: Diablo Template

It covers generic top down RPG game features.