Noob Landscape Mat issue

Sorry for the stupid question. I have looked up how this is done and I’m pretty sure I’m doing this correctly. I’m trying to create a landscape mat using blend layers, but for some reason no textures show up. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

try giving it a preview weight of “0.5”… i also assume that in the landscape painter you clicked the little ‘+’ sign next to the layer texture to make ‘landscape info’ for it…

Tried the preview weight and that didnt work. And yes I did create the landscape layer info. Whats weird is it is pulling the normals over in the painter as well.


Thanks Northstar. I got it figured out. I imported Height maps for my textures and then set all but the sand to height layers, then set the sand layer to an alpha layer. Now it works like a charm. Thanks for the info.

well done… :slight_smile: