NOOB!! How to line up geometry with skysphere HRDI for realism and ground interaction


new to unreal so forgive the basic questions but i cant find any source on the web that relates to my queries [and i’ve tried]…

some context:

I’ve created a static mesh sphere and applied a HDRI to it as Material.

I want to now be able to

A. Scale and align the geometry to the environment shown so it looks realistic…How exactly is this achieved? Is it jsut with camera angle and lens?

B. My Static Mesh Skydome has no base on which to rest my geometry and for it to interact in terms of light/shadow, so How do i go about creating/achieving this?

I attach an image of my floating Lamborghinis :wink:

Any links to tutes covering this, or direct insight shared would be much appreciated.


nothing, no-one?

Use a ground plane. You could bake the information from the cubemap to a plane, and fade the textures at the edges. Or just find a texture that matches will enough.

With the right camera angles and depth of field, hiding that your environment is just a sphere it pretty easy.


Hi and thanks for that, however as a noob…some of this leaves me with more questions than answers;)

A. how to bake my skydome [hdri material on static mesh sphere encompassing scene/vehicles]
B. fading the edges of said baked texture