(noob) How should I go about building my street in Unreal

Trying to model a street from my town in Unreal. I was trying to make it so I modelled all the parts Individually and then build it all in unreal e.g kerbs, etc but I couldn’t connect the models to the surface, they would either phase through or be floating above the surface. I’m new to unreal and modelling in general and just trying to learn as I go along. Should I model the street in unreal? How should i texture the parts individually without texturing the whole model?

There are many ways to do a scene like that and there is no real right or wrong way to do it. Here are some thoughts

  • Try to stick the models into the ground a bit otherwise light may shine through. Any polygon in unreal is one-sided for performance reasons. So light will shine through from the other side if you just use a plane
  • I wouldn’t do the entire scene in blender or max. At least separate the houses from each other. Generally you want to divide larger elements into parts that may repeat and model them only once. Example: A house may have unique walls but some of the windows may be exactly the same.
  • About the street. It depends if it is a straight street or if it is winding up a hill or go around corners. If it is straight you could build one section and then copy it. If it is winding then you may have to model it externally.
  • If you split your models then it would be easier to texture them.
  • It would also be easier to generate lightmaps and collision when the objects are smaller.