Noob here - Offset Issue- Half of my buttons don't work

I am messing around with buttons and slot offsets to try and create a ‘character creation’ menu.

When I run my program, the left side of a particular group of buttons doesn’t work. They will work once i mouse over the middle of the button or the right side, but do nothing when mousing over the lefthand side. Don’t have any overlapping objects so I’m wondering if I understand ‘slots’ and ‘offsets’ less than I thought.

This probably has to do with my perspective shifting every time I run / edit my widgets (my buttons appear very small or non-existant in the designer but show sorta properly in the run) so if anyone has advice on how to minimize the shifting of aspect ratio, i’d love the help.

hard to diagnose something like this on description alone. Pictures help a lot.

A handy tool you can use to diagnose widget problems is the widget reflector. Press ctrl+shift+w to make it appear. Then hit big arrow button to turn it on. It is going to show you what widgets the mouse is hovering over.

You’ll probably want to read a bit about how to use it - see if Matthew Wadstein has an overview on youtube.

It looks complex but is easy to use. It will save hours of guessing.

Hey there @Jakeisneato! Welcome to the community! Could we see some images of the problem directly? Usually when I run into these the buttons themselves are sometimes obscured or changed at runtime which can cause a myriad of issues. So we need to make sure they are hovering and clicking appropriately first. The Widget Reflector as BigTime mentioned is the best way to pull this off. Here’s the documentation for it!

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