Noob here need help with creating new character?

how do you go about making your own character? i dont want to use the already made ones like on mixamo i would actually like to make my own from scratch or is it possable to take an already made character and change his facial features around and his body shape?

Need some external programs in addition to Unreal Engine to create characters of your own. The typical process would be something like:

  1. Sculpt High poly
  2. Retopologize to Low poly
  3. Add UVs
  4. Create Materials
  5. Add Armatures/Rig
  6. Export to Unreal Engine

Every step in this list is sometimes done by a specialist of that type of work, but you can certainly do all this yourself too. You should google these terms and see what type of software is used by people and how.

can always start with something simple like creating cubes and parenting them together (the parent hierarchy and pivot location determines how the rig moves).
Definitely start with blender if you’re new to character design and 3d in general. Also definitely try to learn from tutorials the whole way, at least until you know your way through the pipeline.