Noob here! First time questions

**If Unreal Marketplace assets only support a single platform, for example Windows, does that mean they can only be used on a workstation built on Windows?? Will the playable end product/demo be able to be multi platform?

I see a lot of assets marketed towards VR…does that mean assets not marketed as VR will not be able to be used for VR projects? How does this work? I have no one i can ask questions to lol**

**Also, you must decide at the beginning whether you want to go C++ or Blue prints…can you change? Is there a way to mix and match?

And finally…i dont like asking these noob questions, does anyone know the best place to send a noob?**

Supported platforms as in tested to work 100% on. If they havent tested it to be compliant with XBOX, then, they cant tell you it works there. Plus if you are using it there, the support for that asset is dropped, unless its a Windows related question/issue (assuming its a windows based support).

Same as above. VR optimizations are different then “standard”. Generallythings made for PC are too high poly to have a solid running VR setup. I have used several items not marked for VR in VR. Works ok. Low FPS, but, works.

Yes and no. The easiest thing is to make a C++ project, and dont use the C++ part. The functionality is exactly the same, it will just create C++ project files. If you are not using them, then dont worry about it.

All over the forums.

For art assets there might be some work done for mobile platforms, but otherwise you can use assets on any platform. Coding stuff may only work on a specific platform.

Thank you so much for your reply! I just saw this now, now that school is getting out i have time to jump into this again!