Noob here, Do i have to keep UE 4.10 to install and use UE 4.14?

I am completely new to UE and the newer version ( UE 4.14 ) was released soon after i installed UE 4.10.
Being how new it all is to me and the hefty Learning curve I’m choosing to embark on, i concluded that I should learn on the newest version.
But I’m having installation issues.

The main one being space on my SSD/HD, and not knowing if UE 4.10 must remain installed to use UE 4.14.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

No you don’t need to keep the older version. If you are having limited HDD space, go ahead and uninstall the older version and then install the latest.
However, keep in mind that some marketplace content or starter packs you may have downloaded for v4.10 may become useless and need re-downloading.