Noob GitHub ? Regarding Change Incorporations

So, I have the latest 4.2 cloned on my machine. What I can’t figure out is how I can integrate into the source specific changes people make. A bug that I’ve identified has been fixed and pushed into the master branch by the EpicBot. I don’t want to clone the entire master branch as it will not compile. However, I just want the specific differences from a change. The change consists of multiple line additions/deletions spread out over multiple files. I know I can manually do them by hand but I thought there would be a way to incorporate them using a tool. I’m not sure what the right terminology is regarding this as clone/forks/branches, etc. Please help.

Also, what tool are you using to do this. I downloaded and installed the windows version of gitHub but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of options.


You can always install Github support in VS2013 which would allow you to do a get latest. Ultimately you need to ask yourself how you want your working environment to work; if you branch off 4.2 and there’s a fix in master and its considered to be a HUGE bug, then they will probably do an integration onto 4.2 and from there you can do a get latest, or you can request to have the bug fix applied to 4.2 so everyone has it. I dont know how their daily integrations work, however if you are branched from 4.2 and the change is on master then you might have to merge the changelist in yourself unless they do daily ints.

Read up on Git cherry-picking, this will allow you to pick out specific commits from the master branch and integrate them into your branch. In your UE4 fork create a new branch off the 4.2 branch (let’s say you call it 4.2-dev), then cherry-pick commits you want from master into the 4.2-dev branch. When 4.3 is released create a new 4.3-dev branch off the 4.3 branch, and assuming you haven’t made any of your own changes to the engine/editor delete the 4.2-dev branch, if you have made your own changes cherry-pick them from 4.2-dev to 4.3-dev.

Also, I would avoid using the integrated Git support in VS2013, I’m pretty sure it causes VS2013 to freeze every few minutes on a large source base like UE4, unfortunately disabling it completely requires some registry hacking. SourceTree should be sufficient, and/or GitExtensions if you want explorer integration.