Noob coming from 3dsMax + Vray - Textures lack definition

hey there! my name is Sergio and i work mainly doing renders for led screens setups and shows, using 3dsMax+Vray. I´ve been fiddling a bit with ue4 for some time, but until now never got time to getting into it for real. My idea is to be able to drop some video textures to the “screens”, animate some cameras, and render a few seconds of video. This would save me hours and hours of render time compared to what i´ve been doing until now.

The problem that is holding me back is that the textures on the screens (using an emissive material) look really bad ,especially when rendering video or walking around. But, when you get the camera really close, then i can see the texture in good detail. In this example im using just a jpg, to discard that this was a problem with video files as texture.

Im not even caring about the rest of the modeling and lighting stuff so far, because my top priority is that these textures appear clear and sharp.

any advice would be really aprecciated, im felling kind of stuck with this!!