Noob: casting for First Person Character not working

I have a really simple Setup. Just trying different things.
I have a pawn sphere that follows the player. I can cast on Hit, for a projectile, and the ball will destroy itself.
I can have no casting, and any part of my FPCharacter can touch the sphere, and make it destroy.
What I can not do, is make the sphere react to touching the player, only.

So a ball that can not be killed by a projectile, but registers a hit on the player. Eventually this will damage the player, so the player needs to keep moving.

I have used CastToPlayerController and CastToFirstPersonCharacter. Neither worked.
When I play, and the ball is bumping me, I can see the orange line appear from the OnComponentHit box to the Cast box, but it never gets past the casting.
Also, it’s a bit random how often it registers the hit.
Do I need to create a collision box around my player? Isn’t the Capsule Component on the FPS player, used for this?

Screenshot (2).png

The other actor you want to cast to is the first person character not the player controller. Try right clicking on the the first person node changing it to a pure cast and run a print string to see if the hit takes place first.

First, Thank you for your help.

I tried what you suggested.

Interesting result. It now reacts to the firstperson projectile (which is not what I want), and it only reacts to the FPPlayer if I move. As long as I stand still, there is no hit detection.
Similar result to removing casting all together.

I tried forcing it though a branch, and this got a better result, but still has issues.
Other objects will not kill the ball. good. Only my body can kill the ball. good.
If I stand still the ball will not die. bad.
If I move (slightly) then the ball will die. interesting.

Does a Hit only confirm if both objects are moving?

Notice the ball is inside my gun if I stand still.