Noob - Can't get setchup models to work in unreal


So I have been trying to build ArchViz in the unreal engine since a long time now, using all the tutorials, manuals the lot.

I have weird artefacts across across the space. I have attached screenshots, one image is of an unbaked scene, and how it looks after we build the lighting. The lighting setup is what Rag3dViz suggested.

I made the model in sketchup, every wall is a separate geometry. Imported it to blender, unwrapped the UV, on a separate channel. When i import it into unreal, it looks perfectly fine. But when i bake the lights, it goes down. Can someone help me or point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot for the link, but i have tried everything in these videos. According to anything that i can find on the forums and youtube tutorials, I have done everything right. But it still give me these artefacts. Do you know anything else that could help?

I usually just go straight from SU to UE4 for the building shell. Build your models clean and slice the large wall planes and floors/ceilings into smaller pieces. Let Unreal generate the lightmap.

You can also try and export as .obj from Blender.

Personally I don’t bother with Unreal’s auto lightmap creation, even with orthogonal stuff like walls and slabs. Maybe it has improved recently though?

I would suggest getting your hand on a copy of 3DS Max and use the steamroller plugin, or Blender (which is free) and start there.

Do you get any errors after building the lighting? If you have UV’s that overlap each other that normally will cause issues.

Sketchup is really horible to export to UE, I would try to use an intermediate program in order to achieve better results.