Noob can't figure out how to blueprint : begin & end overlap of one object to move another object without keyboard entry or pre setting location

Aloha All,

I am new to Unreal Engine and have been teaching myself blueprint coding. I’ve gotten to a point where I have not been able to figure out how to do something I’m guessing is very easy. ---- I want to place a begin overlap collision box over an object that is cast to my third person character. When my third person character is overlapping the collision box, I want a different object to rise on the Z axis & keep rising for as long as my third person character is overlapping the collision box. When the collision overlap is ended, the rising object location will freeze in place (it’s location on the Z axis at that time). When the collision overlap is begun again with my third person character, the rising object continues to go up again from the location point it last stopped at) ____ I have two conditions to meet: 1) I don’t want any keyboard input. ex. - NO pressing of the E key to make this happen. 2) I don’t want a preset end location for how high the object will or can rise. (This is not to be like an elevator. It is like a harrier jet or rising helicopter) The idea is that I want the rising object to be able to go up indefinitely as long as collision overlap is happening with my third person character. I really appreciate any & all help here. Perhaps someone knows of a tutorial that covers this. Much Mahalo -B

A very basic setup, based on ‘Event Tick’.
Every frame the branch node checks if IsEnabled is true. If yes, it moves the sphere +1 on the Z axis. The default IsEnabled is off, of course. Only if an Actor, in my case the FirstPersonCharacter, is overlapping the collision box, the variable is set to true. There may be better options than with Event Tick and in my example everything is in the same BP, which probably isn’t the same in your project. That all really depends on your needs there.

Aloha Pantoth,

Thanks so much. As this is my 1st experience with this forum, I am excited to get my 1st response! I really appreciate it. Funny how your solution looks a bit like a few of my best failures! (lol) FYI- I have been attempting to have everything in the same blueprint. But,…alas,… Event Tick is too costly a solution and I will have to find an alternative. I will study your blueprint and keep on keeping on until I arrive at a solution. ( and then share it with all on the forum here. I figure I can’t be the only one who wants to be able to code this thing.) My ultimate goal is to covert the code for VR use. It will be part of the controls for a ship I built & imported into Unreal from Blender.

I want this ship to be a shared VR space where I can hang out with my friends and we can fly through whatever space I create. My 1st place to fly through will be a Nebula simulation that I will build. Just cruise and hang out, with the ability to be able to control the ships movement up, down, forward, turn right and turn left with 5 separate control panel size cylinders (small for your characters hand to touch the collision box) that are the overlap objects. each one does one of the directional commands . The overlap cylinders will be on the bridge of the ship. I may attempt to create the turning ability with an interactive steering wheel. I need to keep everything as simple as possible for now as this is my 1st interactive Unreal Project . I continue to reach out to all for suggestions & recommendations. Much Mahalo-B

Ok, while I really have no clue about how all that stuff needs to be properly set up, I’d say you need to convert your ship into a moveable / controllable Pawn / Actor / Character, kind of. My approach was a simple ‘lift that sphere into the air’ type of thing. Maybe a Movement Component could help you there.

Setting Up a Vehicle in Unreal Engine VR - YouTube
(This tutorial maybe? It is a car, but I guess it is ok to start with :blush: )

Thanks again for the additional feedback! I know I can get this to work if I either set it up with keyboard input or making it with a set path to go along. I saw a couple of tutorials that teach how to bring the keyboard into your VR world as a diegetic UI. I will probably go that route until I figure out how to do it the way I want. I really appreciate the link you provided. I’m looking forward to checking it out! -b