Noob Camera Question

Hey Folks,

I did try to find the answer to this on the forum, but I was unable to locate it, so I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere. I’m brand new to UE4 and game development, so I may appear from time to time with the occasional asinine question as I fumble my way through learning blueprint.

I am in the third person template and I am trying to create a fixed camera view rather than using a follow camera. I noticed a follow camera variable in the character blueprint, but I was unable to figure out where I would adjust the settings of that particular camera. I’m assuming the follow camera object is parented to the character as it was part of the character blueprint. How do I remove the camera that follows the character and replace it with a fixed camera that doesn’t follow the character?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I don’t believe you need the camera to be inside that character blueprint, just put the camera in your level and use Event Begin Play in the Level Blueprint. Check this thread and the one linked within it for more info: How To - Static Camera move only player - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I placed a camera in my level, went in to the level blueprint, added Event Begin Play and then attempted to find something that would allow me to Set a View Target as I had seen in the link that was included. I could not locate “Set View Target with Blend” anywhere inside of blueprint. Am I missing something?

Anyone help me out with this?

You could take a look at the Strategy game example, I think it had the camera for you.

Thanks , will do.

Ok, unfortunately that wasn’t the answer. I did end up figuring it out though.

Step 1: Create camera in your scene, orient it to a position of your choosing and click on it when (thus selecting it).
Step 2: Open Level Blueprint
Step 3: Right click in the scene and select Add Reference to CameraActor1 (or whichever number your camera is)
Step 4: Right click in the scene and choose the “Get Player Controller” node.
Step 5: Drag the return value wire out in to the scene and release and then search “Blend”. This will allow you to choose “Set View Target with Blend” where it was not previously available.

Thanks to everyone for the help!

Thank you for posting your solution, good for future reference and searches.

We plan to add an option to Camera Actor to have it automatically be the active camera when you start the game, and not require those nodes in the Level BP.