Nonsene warning on destructible with active physics

I am working on a skeet shooting simulation in VR.

The skeet is a destructible within its own blueprint and physics is on to simulate the pull phase. When the skeet it is hit by a projectile it is destroyed. Collisions are set to Destructible (therefore Query and Physics) and Generate Hit Events is on.

Everything works fine, except that I keep getting the following warning in the Log file (PIE) and I am not able to get rid of it:

PIE: Warning: Invalid Simulate Options: Body (skeet_DM_BP_C_55.Destructible skeet_DM) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible

Looking at the source code (PrimitiveComponent.cpp - row 1559), this warning should be issued only if physics is enabled BUT collisions are set to No Collisions or Collision Enabled is set to Query only.

None of this applies to my destructible (double-checked also with Print String on Begin Play), however the warning is issued anyway. Looks like a bug to me.


Ok never mind. The issue was solved by quitting the project, removing the Intermediate and Saved folder, then reopening the project.

Don’t do this. Didn’t work and scrambled my textures; couldn’t just restore the removed files.

There is nothing in the Intermediate and Saved folders that cannot be regenerated automatically by the engine when needed, so if there is a problem with your textures, it is not because of this.

Sorry if I seemed abrasive. I’ve read that before but there must be some exception in my case. All I know is that I removed those two folders, opened the project, and the textures were all grey monotone. Closing the project and restoring the files didn’t fix it. I had to restore the project from source control. This isn’t the first time it’s done that when I’ve done this.

I resolved my problem when I realized I was disabling objects’ collision during runtime without turning the physics off.