NONE of my Unreal Engine games work anymore!

Hi guys
I hope i’m posting to the right place. The only “answers” I’ve had so far are “I dunno”. I’m hoping that someone here may have an answer for me, apart from having to reinstall windows. I did that a few months back anyway.

Specifically,“The vanishing of Ethan Carter” Borderlands and the Batman series no longer work. The intros happen and then it just stops with an error telling me Windows is searching for a solution and of course, it never finds one. I’ve reinstalled the games over and over to no avail. Even UE4 demo files fail to open.

I have no idea what’s happened but somebody suggested it may have been a windows update that’s caused the problem as it happened all of a sudden.

intel core i7 3770


16Gb DDR3

z77D3H MB

samsung evo ssd 120Gb

WD green 2 tb had

If anyone has any ideas,it’d be greatly appreciated TIA

My first suspect in these types of situations is always video card drivers. Have you tried installing the latest drivers from

There is often good information in the logs for Unreal games, I believe they may be in My Documents\my games[game name] or the game installation folder.

This is a game development forum, but I guess someone might have some clue. It’s almost certainly your system though, likely a hardware or driver issue.

Have you tried a system restore to see if it was a windows update?

Virus scan? Use Kaspersky boot disk. It actually will destroy those little !$!@%! Also like they said above check drivers. Also try CCleaner or something. Hope you get everything working.