Non Stop Driver - Solo Project

I developed with Unreal Engine. In this game, I tried to make the car speed felt at the highest level.
I did various studies to make the car speed feel stable and deep. A maximum speed of 450 - 500 km can be reached. But at these speeds, control is really difficult and exciting. It also has a boost feature. When using Boost, the car has a red aura. Wind noise intensifies according to the speed of the car.

The basic logic of the game is that there is a time bomb in your car. This ticking time bomb works on the basis of speed. When you slow down, the countdown continues. When you accelerate, the bomb’s duration increases. Thus, the player can progress as much as his own driving ability. Also, if you hit any car in traffic at high speed, you will explode.

In total, there is a 200km long route with different seasons.

Game Steam Link : Non Stop Drive on Steam


Hello there @Akif_Akdemir ! Welcome back to posting with us here on the forums!

This game looks like the perfect thing to zone out to. The audio design with the visuals really makes it feel like you’re doing something high speed and adrenaline rushing. Will there be other types of tracks as the game moves forward with different goals in mind? Perhaps something like a timed track or even increased traffic track?

Pretty Awesome. Love the sense of Speed. How Long is the track?

Hi there @Akif_Akdemir,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far :slight_smile:

Just popping in to say this looks rad! The environment and track look so clean and high quality. Brilliantly done. Is there any sort of car customization currently available or planned for the future?

Hi, Thank you. 200km

Hi, thank you. A detailed car customization system is available.

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Hello, thank you. I’m not thinking of new maps for now. Maybe later.

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Awesome. You Sir are a Inspiration!

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Do you plan on showcasing the customization in a video any time soon? :slight_smile:

Thank you!