Non standard value for a field

Is there are any way to bypass restriction of field value type in editor to insert in it non standard value?
Example of usage, I want to cache 1000 actors for future usage, say smoke or fire or snow effect (I dont suspect about existence of particles yet). I can pick some point outside of a level and spawn them there and warp them from there to point where I want to see them, but each new level I should pick such point manually. Not that it very hard to do, if you set construction script properly, but ehhhh… What I think is more suitable here is to set their coordinates to (infinity, infinity, infinity) or NaN, since this is a values that definitely by itself mean nothing (in term of mathematical meaning) and they definitely cant cause any harm to game simulation (unless Unreal have hardcoded “crash if deal with infinity” behavior).

But looks like I cant just type infinity or NaN in position fields, since it allow to type there only digits. Is there are a way to bypass this restriction in editor, or its possible only on C++ side?