Non Slot based inventories

I been having issues with getting slot-based inventories to work. Just gave up on it. well someone new showed me how to make a non-slot-based inventory. Using Objects and inventory lists. So a list of inventories from an array. The issue is that Drag and Drop don’t seem to work with a non-based-inventory. I spent the last week trying to get the drag and drop to work, well that just failed. The “On Drag Detected” doesn’t see what’s getting dragged.

I was hoping that someone would have any ideas on what to do. The guy that helped me set it up screwed me. Won’t answer my pings. I’m about ready for real just to quit UE4

I always suggest splitting such problems into smaller tasks.

For this first task is making inventory and robust item system. So i suggest json and castle DB, and some scripts/C++ to load and save it.

Then you need some gui to show random list of items. Then make character store it in savegame or DB or whatever.

And last steap is making drag and drom, sorting etc for items in inventory.

So split big problem, make small task, make sure they are solid and connect everything together.

You’re not getting what I’m trying to tell you. It doesn’t matter. I just can’t get it to work…

You have inventory as some kind of database, and you have gui made in umg.

You drag piece of graphic interface that has no idea about inventory it represents, then after drag/drop done you update in database.

inventory represented in database does not need to be exact copy of gui and other way around.
Do not make inventory DB in gui/umg.

Really folks separate data from code, it is so much less complicated.

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