Non-Simulated PHAT characters can't collide?

No matter what I do I haven’t been able to get 2 non-simulated PHAT characters to collide. I’d like to have very large enemies so I want the player collision and enemy collision to be more precise with PHAT setup, however I’ve tried many variations of collision settings but I can’t get 2 PHAT characters to collide properly. Is there some limitation to the system that isn’t mentioned, or is there some specific setup required for this to function? I’ve also tried ticking ‘always create physics state’, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I definitely have all the basics correct, PHAT object is selected for the skeletal mesh, collision groups are setup correctly-I’ve copied a setup which would allow the characters capsule component to collide to the mesh, have even made custom collision object groups, etc, but I just can’t get this to work. I’d greatly appreciate help with this.