Non-Responsive user widgets ?

Hello, I need to use a non-responsive user widget in my game and I don’t know how I can do that.
Thanks in advance.

More info:

This is the event construct:

And the problem:
This is when I set the position in the viewport:

And now with a position correction:

What are you trying to do? You can easily add a widget to any viewport and have it be non responsive if it has no buttons or other such things like editable text boxes. You can also set the visibility to hit test invisible or something I forget what it’s called but it makes widgets visible but not interactive

yes there is interaction with some button, but when I resize the window my widgets became more little or bigger and it moves them from the initial position. I want a way to define the position of my widgets inside the viewport and it stays where it is even if the window is resized

Sounds like you need to use “anchors”. In the designer template for your widget, the right hand side should have an option for anchoring your widgets on the screen. Click on your button for example and look at the right side panel, you should find an option to “anchor” this keeps it at the same relative position no matter the screen size

There already was an anchor and I don’t want a relative position, what I need is an absolute position and even with an anchor, the widget is resized when the viewport is resized. I just want something fix which doesn’t move even if the window is resized and even if it goes outside the screen.

Have you tried using “set position in viewport” and “set alignmemt In viewport” I have a widget using those nodes and if I resize my screen it stays in the same screen location, so relatively speaking it appears to move but if the screen gets small enough it won’t show as you mentioned.

I already tried it too but the problem is the same (and the widget is still resized), I want to say to a widget: “be on this absolute position and don’t move whatever it happens”. Look my edit on the main question.

There is really no one who can help me?

Haha I’m sure SOMEONE out there knows how to do this off the top of their head, it’s just not me. I gave you all my initial thoughts, they didn’t work and I didn’t come up with anything new yesterday so I didn’t reply. Just keep trying to create different logic to get the computer to do what you want. That’s what it all boils down to and I’ll do the same. If I figure anything out I’ll let you know or if someone who already knows sees this they can teach us both something.

I will let this question open until Wednesday, and after I will use predefined screen dimension, it will be easier. Thanks for your help.