Non-player reliant AI?

The most indepth AI tutorial I can find starts off with having the AI follow the player. All of the characters in my game are wild animals and I’ve already set up an AI system that has them interact independent of the player

My problem is I did everything with bools and branches and I’m afraid that might not fly on other machines. Is there an approach to the AI behavior tree that deals with factions? g

In short, my game characters are all wild animals the player possesses. Having “get player character” be referenced right now is pretty much unneeded and counterproductive, but I cant find any tutorials with a different approach.

Mmm I would consider myself beginner to intermediate so if this is wrong don’t be surprised its just an idea.

So by faction I assume in your game it would be animals of the same class as you or even team?

You could try by searching an area for actors then checking if they are in a certain class. You could also use AI perception to set variables.

Just ideas I don’t have too much experience. If you would like to elaborate a little more I could try and give something a little more specific.

The way I would do it is create an enum with all the factions in it. When ai #1 interacts ai #2, it checks the enum to get which faction ai #2 belongs to and acts based on that.

You could look into Enums and Blueprint interfaces.
Enums are integers with a string name that you can switch between to get the desired results.
It’s way better than using a ton on booleans.

Blueprint interfaces allow you to access events and functions of other BPs without casting to them.
That’s great when you have a ton of BPs that have the same call but don’t want to have to cast to each one individually.