Non-intuitive usage for "Run Behavior" task in behavior tree

Hi there !

Trying to make some subtrees for my behaviors, I’ve used the built-in “Run Behavior” task in my behavior tree. It didn’t work : framerate became very low and the logic wasn’t correct.

I watched the game-ready AI serie animated by Ian and Alexander, to understand what I was doing wrong, and I saw Ian ignoring the built-in task and making his own, by just calling AIController.RunBehaviorTree. I tried that and it was perfect for me too.

The built-in “Run Behavior” task do something more than a simple call to AIController.RunBehabiorTree but we can’t see what (I read about running multiple BT on the same controller). It has been very misleading for me.

I think this need some in-editor docs to avoid time loss for beginners.

Maybe I can help with a pull request?